Counter Click with LS7366R

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  • Counter Click with LS7366R MIKROE-1917
  • Counter Click with LS7366R MIKROE-1917

Counter Click with LS7366R



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Counter click carries an LS7366R 32-bit quadrature counter. The top of the board has a pinout for interfacing with incremental encoders. The interface has ENCA and ENCB pins, along with ENCI, which is a programmable index. The A and B pulses from an encoder are out of phase to each other, ideally by 90º. The LS7366R CMOS counter takes these signals as inputs and decodes them for determining direction and speed. Counter click communicates with the target board microcontroller through the mikroBUS™ SPI interface (CSK, MISO, MOSI), plus enable (CNT EN) and interrupt (LFLAG) pins. The board can use either a 3.3V or a 5V power supply.

More information is available on the website of MikroElektronika.

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